Premium Account

Benefit from some more extra features you can share with your friends. You are also helping to keep the server running. It is important that you have a Puddy Club account linked to your Discord account for you to be able to activate your premium account. It's very simple, you just need a Google account. After you create your account, integrate your Discord account, and then activate your wallet, come back here to finalize your purchase.


You can become a Patreon User to unlock MyOC Premium and some extra features. Remember that you need to link your Discord to your Patreon.

Subscription costs $2 monthly.

Purchase Puddy Credits or use your Patreon account to start using MyOC Premium. If you have Puddy Credits, just click the button below.

Exclusive Image Hosting Server

You will be able to use our exclusive image hosting server for your characters. This way you will always make sure that your characters images will always be available within your account. Image hosting is permanent. Images will only be deleted if the avatar is removed from your character.

More Character Slots

Your maximum character storage amount will be increased to 6000 characters. Characters that use the extra slot will not be deleted from your account after your premium account expires.

Server Clock: Monday, March 20th 2023, 9:49:52 am
You agree that you will pay this subscription monthly and that you agree to all Puddy Club terms. Please remember that subscriptions cannot be refunded. Once purchased, you will not be able to get your Puddy Credits back. Subscription cancellation will not cancel your premium account. Your premium account will remain active until your trial date. The difference in time zones may cause your premium to be renewed within 1 day of difference. Watch out for it!